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Our Mission

After many claims by roofing contractors in recent year’s, premiums have rocketed causing many companies to have no option but to operate without adequate cover or in some cases without any insurance at all!

The risks associated with having roof works done by a company without adequate insurance cover is endless to you the customer.
Leonard McCaul & Sons are pleased to announce we have a full insurance policy covering -

  • Employers' liability - £10M
  • Public liability - £5M
  • Contract works any site - £100,000.00
  • A full copy of which is available on request, by post or email

To perpetuate our growth and well being by providing the highest quality in products and services to acheive 100% customer satisfaction.

We will sustain the acheivement of this mission through complete dedication to the founding principles of our company.

Quality, Integrity and Innvoation.


The underlaying force that binds the people of Leonard McCaul & Sons Roofing Ltd to our customers and to each other is a relationship based on TRUST.

Integrity demands that this relationship be built on a foundation of high moral and ethical standards and that will fufill this demand in an honest manner towards:

Our Customer, Our Employess and Our Work.


A multi-faceted goal that can only be defined, measured and achieved through 100% customer satifcation.

High quality is the end result of totally commited people utilizing superior technical knowlegde and expertise: proven products and systems; and indispensable value-added services- all combined in a proactive effort to create and maintain:

A totally satisfied Customer.

Leonard McCaul & Sons Roofing Ltd are commited to the continuos improvment of our expertise. By supplying modern and tradional services and products that will be valued by our customers.





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