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Green Roofing Systems

Please contact us freely if you would like to discuss Green roofing systems as an option for your home.

A green roof is a vegetation layer covering the roof of a building or home. It consists of a number of layers that then for a green roof system.

Urban development over the last 50 or so years, has caused us to destroy large areas of the countryside with concrete, building them into cities. Parks and open spaces are even under increasing pressure to stay.

Green roofing systems enable us to give a little back to the environment, by replacing land lost to construction, helping redress the balance of nature and improving the air quality.

Green roofing systems also decreases the chance of your roof leaking, by retaining a very high percentage of rainwater and providing a controlled water- run off, thereby reducing the load of water and allowing the evaporation process to happen much faster.

Green roofing systems are a modern and popular way to add addition recreational and leisure space to your home.

Leonard McCaul & Sons Roofing Ltd Green Roofing Systems are a great way to add additional reacreational space to your property.
At the same time you are helping save the enviroment and your home.

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